New products

PROFFS® Truestyle®

OCEAN MIST® Mousse/hairspray   FIber style mousse/hairspray

In the spring of 2016 PROFFS Styling will release our most prestigious styling series yet. PROFFS TRUESTYLE will integrate never before seen hair technology into two new hairsprays and two new mousses. These products will only be available at selected retailers. More information will be given shortly.


Proffs Ecolink is our first product line designed with ecologic and organic, all certified, plant extracts such as organic lavender, goji, jasmine and aloe vera.



Proffs Ecoist Sea Mist with sea salt get that extra body and wave of ocean. Containes organic oil of lavender. Spray desierd amount on wet hair and style as desierd.

Proffs Sea Mist with ecologic extracts and organic oil.


Proffs Straight Creme gives your hair a perfect straight look. Towel-dry your hair, thoroughly apply straight creme in sections and blow-dry or flat iron your hair.

Proffs Straight Creme contains certified-organic oil and extracts.



Ecolink® HairspraY

A super strong quick dry hair spray for longhold final fix. Spray on styled hair from about 30 cm. Easy to wash or brush out.

Ecolink Hairspray with ecologic extracts and organic oil.


Ecolink® Mousse 

A moisturizing styling product that gives volume and shiny textures.  To be used on wet or dry hair. Blow dry or let dry naturally.

Ekolink Mousse with ecologic extracts and organic oil.