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New products




PROFFS® FOAM MOUSSE Provides maximum volume, optimal softness and shine and is perfect for curls and bangs while protecting from heat.



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PROFFS® ECOIST®Oil-In-Mist With-Argan-Oil®


PROFFS ECOIST Oil-In-Mist With-Argan-Oil holds your style without overloading or feeling ''crispy''. Argan Oil and Bio Marine Collagen leaves your hair soft and smooth with a great shine.


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PROFFS® Dry Grey cover®hair concealer





Proffs Ecolink is our first product line designed with ecologic and organic, all certified, plant extracts such as organic lavender, goji, jasmine and aloe vera.



Proffs Ecolink Sea Mist gives your hair that extra body and waviness of the ocean. Spray desired amount on wet hair and style.

Proffs Ecolink Sea Mist contains certified-organic oils and extracts.


ECOLINK® Leave-In-Cream-with-Argan-oil®

Proffs Ecolink Leave-in-cream with Argan oil gives protects your hair against wear and provides volume and shine.

Towel-dry your hair, thoroughly apply Leave-in-cream with-argan-oil in sections and blow-dry or flat iron your hair.

Proffs Leave-in-cream with Argan oil contains certified-organic oils and extracts.


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Ecolink® HairspraY

A super strong quick dry hair spray for longhold final fix. Spray on styled hair from about 30 cm. Easy to wash or brush out.

Ecolink Hairspray with ecologic extracts and organic oil.


Ecolink® Mousse 

Proffs Ecolink Mousse is a moisturizing styling product that gives volume, shine and texture.

Use on wet or towel-dried hair. Blow dry or let dry naturally.

Proffs Ecolink Mousse contains certified-organic oils and extracts.